Magic Strixhaven Release


Rowen has been a gamer his entire life and enjoys many facets of the gaming community such as anime, board games, card games, comics, cosplay, graphic novels, manga, RPGs and more.

Recently he has started the graphic novel Montress. Now being a few volumes in Rowen has come to the conclusion that he enjoys Montress for the key themes explored within the series. These themes being balance, war, racism, and propaganda. Along with Montress they also recommend the titles Animosity, Fragments of Horror, Little Bird, Manor Black, and Uzumaki.

Rowen has also recently started playing a few RPGs systems that are new to them including, Star Wars, Monster Hearts, and Call of Cthulhu. While Rowen enjoys a good RPG session and graphic novel read his love for Pokemon tcg has never diminished. After running a Pokemon league for three years he admires that the game is fun and inclusive for all ages and invites you to come play a match at the store any Monday 5-8.

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