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April 11, 2021
Strixhaven Update

We are sold out of Strixhaven draft booster boxes for pickup on April 23. You may still prepay for them but will have to wait for a later shipment. Only 15 pre-release kits for Strixhaven left.

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April 5, 2021
Dungeon Crawl Classics Day

The store just signed up for DCC Day on June 26. You can read more about it on the store blog.

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April 2, 2021
Easter Weekend

We will be open regular hours Easter Weekend, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m Saturday and Noon to six on Sunday

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March 21, 2021

We currently are out of the new Issue of White Dwarf #462, the Candlekeep Mysteries Alternative Cover and Timespiral Remastered. We still have some Pokemon Shining Fates and Battle Styles in stock.

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March 13, 2021
Time Spiral Remastereds

We have sold out of our available boxes of Time Spiral Remastered for release on March 19. We will take your name and contact info and let you know if more comes available.

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February 25, 2021
DVD Repair

We just purchased Family Video's DVD resurfacing system so can now resurface CDs, DVDs, BluRays and game discs for only $3 per disk

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February 21, 2021
Legions of Steel

We are working on listing our backstock of Legions of Steel on Ebay. You can find them by clicking on the store link here on the website.

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February 16, 2021
Store Open

We are open until 6 but the parking lot is still snowcovered.

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February 15, 2021
Early Closing

Due to the weather , the store will close at 6 p.m. on Monday Feb. 15th

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February 14, 2021

We still expect the new Pokemon Shining Fate sets to release this week but our allocations for the first shipment have been cut in half and in some cases reduced to zero. We also do not know how this week's weather will affect shipment of the set.

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