Murders at Karlov Manor Store Championship


What customers have said about the store

"I've been bugging the crap out of some other businesses (like I do ya'll) and you are by far the most professional and have the best customer service that I have seen. Out of 22 other businesses that I am in contact with, there is none that I would be ranking higher than ya'll. Not blowing smoke or anything. I am, in all honesty, hard to work with, I change my mind a lot and ask a lot of questions. I can very easily push buttons to and past the point of no return. Yet, ya'll have stuck with me. Why? I don't know. What I do know is that ya'll have a life long customer and supporter. There is none better that ya'll out here that I have done any business with. Keep up the good work." -Brian E.

"You have been a great help over these last several years. I look forward to many more years with y'all." -Tom A.

"Thank-you so much. I love your company." -E. Cruz

"Thank you so much you have been very great to us and I do plan on staying in business with you, you are a lot more reliable then anyone else." -Patrick Z.

Just want to say that you have been outstanding and that I hope to renew the relationship at a future time. Thanx for everything. Huntley R.

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Mon-Sat: 10AM–9PM
Sun: 12PM–6PM

207 West Main Street,
Carbondale, IL 62901

(618) 529-5317
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