Magic Strixhaven Release


Syd has been in Castle Perilous since July of 2019. She enjoys playing various board games, be it high-cooperative or competitive, with Settlers of Catan and Werewolf being her favorites. With about eight years of roleplaying experience under her belt, Syd runs the Dungeon and Dragons games on Friday and Saturday, and occasionally runs the Wednesday games as a substitute.

In her free time she also plays the Fantasy Flight Star Wars Edge of the Empire game, and adds to her ever growing dice collection. When she isn't playing games, Syd also reads comics and graphic novels. Monstress, Something Is Killing the Children, and Ghosted in L.A. are her favorites, though she will read anything fantasy or horror. Being a fan of several anime, video games, and movies, Syd often cosplays as Rey, Sailor Jupiter, and D.Va during store events, though she expects to have several more costumes ready to be worn soon.

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